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At Savi Provisions, we know our cheese. From all around the world, to right in our backyards, Savi Provisions is dedicated to providing only the finest cheeses to our customers. With a dedicated cheese monger and some of the most knowledgeable staff in the Atlanta area, we are happy to provide suggestions on wine and cheese parings.

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Blue Cheeses

Cabrales---- Blue Cheese 1 (thumb)
Cow/Sheep/Goat’s Milk – Asturias, Spain
Probably the strongest blue cheese you ever had; Cabrales is cave aged and, unlike other blue cheeses, matures from the outside in. The flavor is sharp, acidic and slightly salty, with a strong and penetrating aroma.  Pair with a savory Tawny Port, Sauternes or with a slightly fruit driven Cava.
Oregon Blue
---- Blue Cheese 2 (thumb)
Cow’s Milk – Oregon
Created nearly half a century ago, Oregon Blue cheese has been the West Coast’s exemplary, award-winning sustainable, raw cow milk blue cheese. Aged at least 90 days in Roquefort modeled caves has a firm but buttery paste and a bouquet of flavors to satisfy a range of palettes. It has a briny flavor, notes of sweet cream and veins of mellow, earthy blue molds blooming throughout.  Pair with Champagne or Sauternes.  But don’t forget a craft Pale Ale.
Point Reyes Blue
---- Blue Cheese 3 (thumb)
Cow’s Milk – California
Made from raw milk and aged for six months, Point Reyes Blue is creamy and tangy with a medium punch of blue flavor, and a perfect balance of salt. The cheese’s rich, unique flavors are attributed to the high quality of the farm’s pastures and their proximity to the ocean.  Try this cheese with American Zinfandel or a French Burgundy.

Cow's Milk Cheeses

Cheddar Grafton - 2 Year 
---- Cows Cheese 1 (thumb)
Cow’s Milk – Vermont
Cheddar cheese, the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world, is usually made from cow's milk. It is a hard and natural cheese that has a slightly crumbly texture if properly cured and if it is too young, the texture is smooth. It gets a sharper taste as it matures. Grafton Classic (aged 2yr) has a mellow tartness, creamy mouth feel and unforgettable individuality.  Pair with Merlot or Champagne.  Or, a craft Brown Ale.
Cheddar Widmer's - 6 Year
 ---- Cows Cheese 2 (thumb)
Cow’s Milk – Wisconsin
The rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharp with age. Smooth, firm texture becomes more granular and crumbly with age. Usually golden in color. Slice for sandwiches, snacks; shred into casseroles, soups, sauces.  Pair this cheese with a craft American IPA beer or with a tannic red wine.
 ---- Cows Cheese 3 (thumb)
Cow’s Milk, Menorca, Spain
Second only to Manchego as Spain's most popular cheese, Mahon is produced in the Balearic island of Menorca. Ripened up to three months, cow’s milk Mahon is simultaneously mild, sweet, nutty and buttery with a light golden paste and a fiery orange rind.  Amazing with Cabernet Sauvignon. Rioja, Montsant, Priorato or any hardy red.

Goat's Milk Cheeses

Bonne Bouche
 ---- Goat's 1 (thumb)
Goat’s Milk – Vermont
Made with fresh pasteurized goats’ milk from family farms, the curd is carefully hand ladled, lightly sprinkled with ash, and aged just long enough to develop a rind. After about ten days, the cheeses are packaged in their individual crates and sent to market where they will continue to age up to eighty days. As a young cheese, the rind has a pleasant yeast flavor and creamy interior becoming softer and more piquant as it ages.  This will pair well with a full flavored Pinot Grigio or a sharp Sancerre.

Cremont ---- Goats 2 (thumb)
Goat & Cow’s Milk – Vermont 
Cremont named for the “Cream of Vermont” is a mixed-milk cheese combining local fresh cows’ milk, goats’ milk and a hint of Vermont cream. Combines the nutty flavor of cream cheese with a hint of acidity from the goat’s milk.  Pair this treat with a Vinho Verde or possibly a Chenin Blanc.

Drunken Goat
 ---- Goats 3 (thumb)
Goat’s Milk – Murcia, Spain 
This semi-firm pasteurized goat from Spain's Mediterranean coast is cured for 48-72 hours in Doble Pasta red wine. The paste remains nearly pure white and the rind absorbs a lovely violet hue. The paste is sweet and smooth, delicately grapey, with a gentle, pliable texture and mild fruity flavor.  This is a versatile cheese, pair with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or a spicy Montsant or Cotes du Rhone.

Humboldt Fog ---- Goats 4 (thumb)
Goat’s Milk - California
It is a mould-ripened goat’s milk cheese with a distinguishing layer of edible ash.  The cheese ripens from the outside to the centre, resulting in a fresh goat cheese center surrounded by a pungent runny shell. This runny shell will widen as the cheese matures and is considered the best part of the cheese by many. The bloomy mold and ash rind is edible, but is fairly tasteless. The cheese is creamy, light, powdery and slightly lemony.  Pair with a lemony Sauvignon Blanc.  But also, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco.

Monte Enebro
 ---- Goats 5 (thumb)
Goat’s Milk – Avila, Spain
Monte Enebro is handmade in Avila, Spain, by legendary cheese maker Rafael Baez and his daughter Paloma. They make their complex goat's milk cheese from pasteurized milk and then inoculate the logs with the mold that is used to make Roquefort, adding to Monte Enebro's complexity and distinctive appearance. It is creamy, lemony and slightly acidic; as it ages, the texture becomes denser and the flavor becomes more intense with a pungent finish.  Pair with a Pinot Blanc from Alsace or Alto Adige.  Also a Rose from Provence.

Sheep's Milk Cheeses

Cana De Oveja
 ---- Sheeps1 (thumb)
Sheep’s Milk - Murcia, Spain 
Resembling a French Bucheron but made with sheep’s milk, Cana de Oveja is quite possibly Spain's first soft-ripened sheep milk log ever. Blanketed with a cottony white mold, the cheese immediately under the rind is ecstatically gooey but gives way to a flakier, crumblier center. With notes of tangy butter in the paste, the flavor will intensify the older it gets.  Try a sharp Sauvignon Blanc or possibly a dry German Riesling.

---- Sheeps2 (thumb)
Sheep’s Milk – Zamora, Spain 
Hard cheese typically aged about 6 months. The cheeses are turned often and rubbed with olive oil, giving the cheese its characteristic dark color. This cheese owes its flavor character to the breed of sheep, the "small, scruffy" Churra and the Castilian sheep, predominant in the region, to the cold and humid climate conditions, and to its long aging in cellars. Zamorano has a very creamy, sweet, savory flavor, with a hint of piquancy. Others describe it as hardy and nutty.  Awesome with a spicy Tempranillo from Rioja or Toro.  Also, American Zinfandel would be a great pairing.

Pecorino Toscano
 ---- Sheeps3 (thumb)
Sheep’s Milk – Tuscany, Italy 
This Pecorino is sturdy and nutty with a hint of salt on the palate. Its pleasant and inviting nature appeals to cheese lovers and novices alike. When fresh, Pecorino Toscano is mild, creamy with leafy overtones. It can be grilled as well melted or added to fillings. With age, the creamy cheese starts to crumble; its sweetness perfectly balanced by typical walnutty bitter overtones. This complexity makes it ideal with fruits like pear or honey.  Pair this beauty with an Arneis from the Piemonte in Italy.  Also, a bold Merlot from Napa Valley will pair very well.

 ---- Sheeps4 (thumb)
Sheep’s milk – La Mancha, Spain
Manchego cheese is the most important and well-known sheep’s milk cheese in Spain. The taste is very characteristic, well developed, but not too strong, buttery and slightly piquant with caramel and nutty tones, with a sheep milk aftertaste.  A very versatile cheese, try with a Spanish Rioja or Priorato.  Also, this cheese will stand up well to a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or Meritage. 

Georgia Cheeses

Garrets Ferry
 ---- Georgia1 (thumb)
Sheep’s milk – Chattahoochee Hills, GA
Soft, buttery, ultra-creamy, semi-lactic crotin-style cheese. Pasteurized sheep milk with traditional lamb rennet. Aged 3-6 weeks.  Pair this cheese with a Sparkling Rose wine or Champagne Brut Rose.  However, this cheese will pair just as well with Pinot Noir or Spanish Garnacha.

Green Hill
 ---- Georgia 2 (thumb)
Cow’s milk – Thomasville, GA
Made in Thomasville, GA, Green Hill is a Southerner's version of Brie -- similar in style, but with a few branding differences. The rind of Green Hill is white, just like a traditional Brie, but it's remarkably thin and leaves plenty of room for the deep yellow paste, the color of which speaks to the lush grass fields of Georgia.  Pair this marvelous cheese with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux blend.  Sparkling Brut bubbles will pair very well.

Thomasville Tomme
 ---- Georgia3 (thumb)
Cow’s milk – Thomasville, GA
“Tomme” is a generic term given to a variety of cheeses, mostly semi-soft to semi-firm, made in smaller formats. Thomasville Tomme is a pressed cow cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy in Georgia. The cheese is similar to the old Welsh miner’s cheese, Caerphilly. The Thomasville Tomme is made with raw milk which helps give the cheese its delightful toothsome firm texture and its fresh milk aroma and buttery savory flavor.  Taste the pleasure of pairing with a spicy Shiraz or Syrah.

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