Growler Central

Lesson 1 - What is Growler?

Capped Freshness
Caps are what seal the growler, not only to make sure none of your precious beer is spilled, but also to make sure it stays fresh. The Growler Station uses special caps with inserts, meaning your beer stays fresher longer.

Completely Reusable
Buy a growler once, use it over and over again each time you visit The Growler Station. Just make sure it's washed to make sure you enjoy each fill of beer to the fullest.

Amber Colored
The growler's darker glass protects the beer from excess light and UV, which breaks down the beer's integrity.

64 Ounces
Almost a half a gallon of the freshest craft beer equals one good night. Oh yeah, if you're making it an early night we also offer 32 oz. growlers.

Fresh Craft Beer
At its core, this is what The Growler Station is all about, fresh craft beer served the way it should be. See Lesson 2 to learn how we achieve this mission for our customers. But here's a hint: it's how we pour it!

Lesson 2 - The Freshest Beer

Fast Foam Free Filling
Filling growlers the standard way always results in excessive foam, resulting in a longer wait for a messy growler. We use unique growler filling equipment for a quicker, foam free, mess-free, better tasting growlers.

Longer Lasting
Standard filling equipment delivers a growler of beer that loses its integrity from the moment it's poured, only to erode completely within 2-3 days. Our process retains the exact environment from the keg to the growler, therefore never allowing the beer to begin to break down. The result is a growler that lasts for weeks versus days.

Superior Tasting
Yes, not only longer lasting, but also superior tasting. By purging the oxygen in the growler and replacing with CO2 before we fill it with beer, it allows the perfect mix of CO2 saturation. Mixed with air-tight filling, you get a fresher, better tasting growler.

Fresh Draft Beer
The core of The Growler Station is all about our passion to deliver the freshest craft beer to go, straight from the keg, ready to be taken home and enjoyed with family and friends.

*Available at Inman Park Location Only.

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